Get instant cash for any of your big purchases without using up your entire savings. A Monthly Installment Loan is a win-win solution for your immediate financial needs.

This type of loan is a fast cash option paid off within a fixed period. There is no urgent pressure of immediately paying off the entire amount. The loan repayment is spread out on a long-term schedule and broken down into smaller amounts. The schedule ensures that there are no surprises!

How do monthly installment loans work? Start by submitting an online application. Once your application is approved, we will apply an interest amount and acquisition charge to its total amount. The interest paid on each loan is $4 per $100 borrowed per month. The acquisition charge is $10 per $100 borrowed.

For example, you got a loan of $300 you will pay $12 per month with a $30 acquisition fee. Your loan would have 6 easy monthly payments of $67 for a total payoff of $402. This brings a total of $102 interests and charges. If you pay off your account before the payment schedule you will receive a rebate on the total interest and charges.

Loan Amount Installment Period Interest & Charges Total Amount Payment Amount (based on schedule)
$300.00 6 months $102.00 $402.00 $67.00

What's great about this payment scheme is that the amount will not change over the agreed period of repayment. It's effortless to integrate the payment amount into your monthly budget.

Another advantage of having a monthly installment loan is its convenience. There's no need to provide any collateral, such as your house or car titles. As long as you have a stable source of income and residency with no unpaid loans in your credit file, you can get the financial assistance that you need.

Another good thing about not having one big payout for your loan is the positive effect on your credit score. Since the entire amount is broken into smaller amounts, there's a better chance you won't miss out on any loan payments. Your credit score will gradually increase. With a good credit score, opportunities like buying properties will be available for you.

A monthly installment loan is excellent for anyone who needs a fixed lump sum amount for a specific purpose. Do you have an upcoming trip abroad or a big purchase for your home? Choose a monthly installment loan to pay off your travel or appliance expenses. Because of the installment scheme, your loan payments are light on the pocket and manageable.

Need to escape from the dreaded cycle of unpaid bills? Get some cash and turn your total unpaid bills amount into a light and easy installments. You won't have to worry about getting your phone, electric, water, and heat disconnected.

For any type of situation, choose the monthly installment loan for fast cash with easy payments. Fill in an online application and wait for a call from one of our agents. You may also call our offices and speak to someone about available options for you. Our agents can give you a sample loan computation. Give us your desired amount between $30 and $1,420, and we will give you your payment schedule.


Emergencies and unexpected expenses cannot be avoided. Selling valuables is one way to get cash. It takes time to sell big-ticket items; unless you really lower the price. If you are in an urgent situation, it’s not ideal.

In those cases, it's better to opt for an Auto Title Loan. For fast financial help, you can use your vehicle as collateral. An advantage of having collateral is that you can get a higher amount than typical loan types depending on its value. This short-term loan is best for expensive emergency expenses, like hospital bills or court fees.

Who can get an auto title loan? Anyone who has a vehicle with a clear title can apply. If your vehicle is well-maintained, you can expect a good deal on your loan amount and interest rate. Auto titles are not limited to cars or vans. You can also use titles of your boat, tractor, or truck as collateral for your loan.

If you have a bad credit score but need money urgently; then, this loan is for you. Unlike bank loans, the loan amount is mostly based on the value of your vehicle. A bank would look at a bad credit score and give a very low loan amount or a very high-interest rate. Or worse, the bank denies your loan application!

An excellent advantage of getting an Auto Title Loan, instead of selling your vehicle, is that you can still use it. That means you won’t need to give up your car or boat! If you use your vehicle to get to work, getting a loan won’t affect your job.

The total amount of loan (including the interest) is payable in 6 to 18 months, making repayment easy. You won’t have to bend over backward just to get out of a tight financial spot. With a guarantee such as a vehicle clear title, you can be confident in handling sudden expenses.

Call our agents or visit one of our six offices to talk to any of our qualified agents. Bring all your vehicle documents and let’s check how much we can help with your financial needs. You can also send in an online application for faster processing.

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In a bind but don’t have collateral to apply for a loan? Our Signature Loan is the best solution for you. Use your loan for emergencies, a down payment on a property, or a rewarding holiday vacation. A Signature Loan can be used for any purpose you may need.

If you have good credit and a job, getting a Signature Loan from us is easy.

Step 1: Fill in our application form.
Step 2: Wait for a call from our qualified agents and the approval for your application.
Step 3: Discuss options for your desired loan amount and terms of repayment.
Step 4: Provide our office with the necessary documents and wait for us to verify.
Step 5: Claim your loan.

All of this can be done in one day. You won’t have to wait long or jump through hoops to get the money you need.

What do you need to get a personal loan? You would need a valid ID, Social Security Card or Social Security Work Card (TIN #), proof of income, utility bill, and 6 personal references. Make sure that you provide your latest income statement, awards letter, or payslip. Also, the utility bill that you will submit must be under your name.

Now, some people are scared of getting personal loans because of all the negative press about it. There was news of borrowers trapped in a debt cycle due to lending companies’ high fees.

In Tiempo Loans, we can guarantee that our Signature Loan is fair and easy to pay. Aside from our goal of helping people with our services, our company is regulated by the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC). Rest assured that our loan structures will always be fair and beneficial for our clients and us.

So, what’s stopping you? Go on a holiday or renovate your home. Our Signature Loans can get you started with any goals you set your mind to. Call our friendly agents in any of our six offices in Texas. For easier transactions, apply online and get a response in one day!

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Tiempo Loans is a licensed, socially responsible direct lender. We value our customers and their trust. So, here are the reasons why you should choose Tiempo Loans for your financial needs:

  1. We are licensed by the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner of Texas (OCCC).

    All of our six offices in Texas abide by the standards set by the OCCC. Before our company could acquire our license, we underwent rigorous checking. We are proud to share that we have passed the OCCC’s standard and upheld their standards in our daily operations. Our customers are assured that our practices our legitimate and well-established.

    Our customers can also check our reputation with the OCCC before any transactions with us. We are confident that our records will show that our company is reliable and outstanding.

  2. We are socially responsible

    Our main mission is to help our customers reach their goals through financial assistance. We find the best loan solutions that guarantee fair and easy payments.

    Our customers receive first-rate service from our team. Our agents will take the time to discuss all the available options for you. We make sure to spend enough time to understand our customers’ needs and situation.

    Our customers trust us with their loan needs for home, appliance, car repairs, moving costs, vacations, medical and utility bills, and special occasion expenses. We provide the best rates and payment plans customized for each customer. Check out our different loan options: auto title loans, monthly installment loans, and signature loans.

  3. We are a direct lender.

    When a customer transacts with us, they are not passed on to other agencies or companies like what Credit Access Business (CAB) and Credit Service Organizations (CSO) do. This means we do not add-on fees on top of the total amount that our agents and customers agree upon.

    Why is a direct lender better than CABs or CSOs? A direct lender is more stable and reputable. We won’t need to pile on high-interest rates to ensure that we can support our customers. We won’t suddenly close up shop and leave our customers behind.

    Tiempo Loans is committed to providing excellent service and good loan plans to our customers. Call or visit any of our offices near you. Send in an online application, too. Let’s start talking about how we can help you.